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Being engaged should not be a stressful, nail-biting epidemic. Getting married should be a celebration of love, joy, and happiness! Ad Astra has cultivated a streamlined process that removes the guesswork from the planning process. Anyone can find a wedding planning checklist or a budget tracker online. But because no two weddings are the same, all checklists, documents, and spreadsheets that Ad Astra creates goes through a differentiating customization process. Combining these with strategically planned meetings ensures that you'll have an all-encompassing awareness of you objectives giving you no more and no less than what you need to have a wedding that has your guests walking away in awe of how totally “you” it was.



Having studied Mathematics in college, Maggie typically says her undergrad experience was overkill when compared to the event planning certification process. But her eye for logistics was sharpened during that time and she wouldn’t trade it for anything. With nearly a decade of event planning experience, Maggie finds true joy when she sees clients totally digging the planning process. After all, who doesn’t love when someone enjoys what they’re passionate about?


PR + social media manager

Having had her dream wedding planned since she was fifteen years old, which was perfectly executed by Ad Astra Events, Isabella loves nothing more than sharing her own love for weddings as Ad Astra's social media coordinator. Hailing from the New York City area and with a degree in Corporate Communications from Baruch College, she is no stranger to a high-speed environment making her well suited for keeping up in the event industry.


lead planner - nashville

Known as a woman who simply gets stuff done, Kathryn-Rose brings to the team an eye for detail paired with an incredible ability to spin many plates at once. Through planning, unplanning, and replanning her own pandemic-wedding she refined her adaptability and planning skills while also being reminded that there is immense joy that comes with starting a new life chapter with your best friend. This experience helps her relate to couples in a very real and unique way. Having been part of live music events, international arena tours, and conferences, for Kathryn-Rose nothing tops the moment when she sees her couples finally say "I do!"


lead planner - nashville

Originally from sunny Southern California, Dana is super excited to now call Music City home. Her passion for creating memorable and beautiful events actually started with her love for making her daughter’s birthday celebrations unforgettable. After years of experience in planning a wide range of events she has discovered a new love for wedding planning and making sure each one runs without a hitch! With her diverse background in film production, business management, and clothing design, Dana brings a unique blend of creativity, organization, and a little West Coast style to every event she plans.


lead planner - new england


As a lifelong music fan, Annsley has relentlessly pursued her desire to be around live events and music. From bus tours and overseas concerts to internationally known conferences, Annsley wears any hat necessary to be in the action. On a wedding day her versatility is on full display as she utilizes her events experience to handle the many moving facets of a wedding with ease and some Mississippi charm.


assistant planner - nashville

As a bride who had a hands-on approach at planning her own wedding, Jami got to show off her ability to handle the minutiae of wedding planning while adding her own spin on the big day. With experience as an HR manager and a heart for building community, Jami brings empathy and finesse to every situation, seeing others’ perspectives and helping them realize their potential. Jami brings so much kindness and professionalism to the team that they forgive her for being a Patriots fan.



Mopsy the goldendoodle serves as the official mascot of Ad Astra. She loves to walk her neighborhood, visit the dog park, and is a huge fan of everyone she meets. Known for her even-keeled temperament, obedience, and sitting on furniture like a human, Mopsy is an unbeatable companion. Despite her good behavior, her insistence on always wearing her white coat means she's not invited to any weddings.

Photos by Josh Bennett photography.

Video by Dani Dimmel.